Welcome to mal.py’s documentation!

mal.py is an API wrapper for MyAnimeList.net written in Python.


  • anime and manga search given a keyword

  • fetch details of anime or manga given its id or its url

  • accessing public lists of users

  • retrieving seasonal anime

  • retrieve rankings for anime and manga

  • retrieve forum boards and discussions


Start by installing the library on your system, the use of a virtual environment is recommended (see Virtual Environments and Packages):

  • install the library

    $ pip install mal-api.py
  • obtain a token for the mal API

    • login on MAL

    • go to account settings -> API -> create id

    • follow the procedure and save your tokens

    • for this library you will need to use the client id

Now you can start using the library

from mal import client

cli = client.Client('your token here')

anime = cli.get_anime(16498)
>> Shingeki_no_Kyojin

For more examples you can check the examples on the repository


This library uses the logging module to keep track of configuration changes and possible network errors. If you want to see the logs you need to configure the logging module yourself, for example:

import logging


For more information on how to use logging refer to the documentation of python:

Reporting issues

If you encounter issues using the library you can open an issue or start a discussion on the project repository. Please note that this is still a work in progress and there can be bugs. Also The API is not set and could change in later revisions. Breaking changes may happen at any time before the release of version 1.0 but i will try not to make them if not necessary.

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